Organisational Structure

Language Training School

LEPL – David Aghmashenebeli National Defense Academy of Georgia

Language Training School Provision


Article 1. General Provisions

  1. This provision defines legal status, structure, authority, accountability of the Language Training School (hereafter School) of LEPL David Aghmashenebeli National Defense Academy of Georgia (hereinafter - Academy) and regulates other issues related to the school activities.
  2. The School is an academic (structural) entity.
  3. The School conducts its activities in accordance with the Constitution of Georgia, the legislative acts, the subordinate normative acts, the statute of the Academy, the legal acts of the Rector of the Academy and the present provision.
  4. The School is accountable to the Rector of the Academy and the civilian Vice Rector.


Article 2. School Mission

The mission of the School is to train the military and civilian personnel of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia and to improve their level of language proficiency;


Article 3. Main Functions of the School

  1. The main functions of the School are the following:
  2. a) Create an educational environment in accordance with modern standards;
  3. b) Prepare assigned/enrolled military/civilian personnel for different types of international certification exams in foreign languages;
  4. c) Develop the basic directions of learning activities and draw up relevant programs and plans;
  5. d) Plan and organize the learning process;
  6. e) Teach foreign languages and improve language skills for civilians and military personnel of the defense ministries of different countries.
  7. f) Participate in the working process of Academic Council of the Academy.
  8. g) Perform other functions defined by the legislation, the present provision and the individual administrative-legal acts of the Rector within the scope of the competence.


  1. The School implements the following language training programs (intensive/semi-intensive):
  2. a) English Language Program;
  3. b) German Language Program;
  4. c) French Language Program;
  5. d) Turkish Language Program;
  6. e) Russian Language Program;
  7. f) Persian Language Program.


Article 4. School Structure and Leadership

  1. The School consists of the Head of School, Deputy Head of School and School personnel, including the heads of programs and teachers.
  2. The Head of the School is appointed and dismissed by the Minister of Defense of Georgia on suggestion of the Rector of the Academy.
  3. The Head of the School:
  4. a) Leads and guides School activities;
  5. b) Develops the strategic plan of School development, educational and scientific research programs and submits them to the Academic Council;
  6. c) Introduces a representative of the School to the Academic Council of the Academy;
  7. d) Ensures effective functioning of the School curriculum;
  8. e) Develops School budget and submits it to the Head of the Administration;
  9. f) Defines and distributes functional obligations for his/her subordinate personnel, gives them instructions;
  10. g) Controls the staff to ensure they fulfill their duties and responsibilities and maintain discipline;
  11. h) Submits proposals about organizing School activities, appointing, dismissing, replacing, granting merits and imposing disciplinary liability measures for the subordinate personnel to the Rector of the Academy and the civilian Vice Rector for discussion;
  12. i) Performs other duties defined by the Statute of the Academy, the present provision and individual administrative-legal acts of the Rector of the Academy.
  13. Functions and responsibilities of School personnel are determined by their job descriptions approved by the Rector of the Academy.


Article 5. The Rule for Making Changes and Amendments to the Provision

Changes and amendments to the provision shall be made by the decision-making body.