1. How to get to National Defence Academy?

Applicants with secondary education under the age of 24 who have registered for the Unified National Examinations and have selected Bachelor’s academic program/programs during the registration are admitted to National Defence Academy (Electronically, applicants are registered only on the website of the National Assessment and Examinations Center www.naec.ge). Before passing Unified National Examinations, applicants will undergo internal tours of the Academy.


2. What programs are at the Academy?

The following programs are provided at the Academy:

✔ Bachelor’s Program in Management.

✔ Bachelor’s Program in Informatics.

✔ Bachelor’s Program in Defence and Security.

✔ From the 2020-2021 academic year, the Bachelor's Academic Program in Mechanical Engineering will be launched.


3. What does the Georgian Language Training Program include?

National Defence Academy offers Georgian language training program to non-Georgian applicants. The present program enables the students to obtain the necessary knowledge in the Georgian language for further studies for Bachelor's Educational Program.


4. What do Academy internal tours include?

The internal tours of the Academy include Physical Test, Interview and Medical Examination.


5. What does the Physical Test include?

The Physical Test includes running at the distance of 3200 m, push-ups and sit-ups. For the detailed information, you can see the following links: https://bit.ly/2Us1fso and https://youtu.be/hUmJ6dqYYms


6. Is it necessary to pass Unified National Examinations?

In order to be accepted to Bachelor's Degree Programs at National Defence Academy, it is necessary to pass Unified National Examinations.


7. What are the subjects for the Unified National Examinations?

The tests are in:

☑ General Skills.

☑ Foreign language.

☑ The Georgian language.

☑ Mathematics.

☑ History (Only when passing exams for the Bachelor’s program in Defence and Security).


8. What is the cost of studying at the Academy?

Study and accommodations are fully funded by the Ministry of Defence of Georgia.


9. Do the Junkers have a scholarship?

Junkers' monthly scholarship is determined by the rating score.

The number of rating score/scholarship is calculated per term.

☑ Excellent (A+) – 300 GEL.

☑ 10% – 200 GEL.

☑ The rest – 100 GEL (I term - 50 GEL).


10. What are the documents necessary for getting to the Academy?

The applicants should submit the following documents to the Academy Reception Committee:

✔ Application (filled up at the Reception Committee).  

✔ Autobiography (handwritten and printed) – 2 copies.

✔ Copy of birth certificate – 2 copies.

✔ Identification card (original and copy) – 2 copies.

✔ Certificate of General Education (original and copy) – 2 copies (diploma in higher education (original and copy), if any ) – 2 copies.

✔ Copy of marriage (divorce) certificate – 2 copies (if any).

✔ Copy of birth certificate of children – 2 copies (if any).

✔ Copies of identification cards of family members (parents, spouse, children, sister and brother) – 2 copies.

✔ Copy of driving license – 2 copies (if any).

✔ Health certificate (Form NIV-100/a).

✔ Certificate about prophylactic injections ("MMR" – measles, mumps, rubella; "TD" – tetanus-diphtheria) – 2 copies.

✔ Drug test - 2 copies.

✔ Certificate of conviction – 2 copies.

✔ Certificate from Social Service Agency – 2 copies.

✔ Copies of certificates received.

✔ Copy of military card or a copy of recruit military-registration certificate – 2 copies.

✔ 3X4 Photo – 6 copies and an electronic version (CD).

✔ Folder (paperboard) – 2.


11. Where is the National Defence Academy?

Academy address: 3rd km, Tskhinvali Highway, Gori, Georgia.


12. What type of contract is made after the Junker enters the Academy?

In case of admitting to Bachelor’s programs, the Junker is obliged to sign a 10-year contract with the Ministry of Defence of Georgia that envisages 4 years of training and 6-year contract-based military service.


13. When does the contract come into force?

The contract comes into force after successfully completing the Basic Combat Training Course. 


14. What is the Basic Combat Training Course?

Basic Combat Training Course is the process of transforming the civilian recruit into a military service member. Throughout the course, the recruits will learn basic tactics and procedures for survival, shooting and marching principles and will study the rules, standards and procedures for military life in accordance with the requirements of the Defence Forces.


15. How long does the Basic Combat Training Course last?

The Junkers Basic Combat Training Course includes 10 weeks. 


16. What happens if the Junker is not able to successfully take the Basic Combat Training Course?

In this case, the Junker will have to leave the National Defence Academy without paying any fine.


17. Is the mobility available at National Defence Academy?

Under the specifics of the Academy, at the Bachelor's level, only external mobility of autumn is accepted within the administrative timelines established by the Director of National Center for Education Quality Enhancement. The Junkers with external mobility will start learning from the first year.


18. Is any foreign language (other than English) taught at the Academy?

If the Junker has got a B2 level in the English language, he/she has the opportunity to study another foreign language - French or German.


19. Which academic year are the Junkers selected from to participate in exchange programs?

All Junkers have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs.


20. How to select the Junkers for participating in exchange programs?

The Junkers to participate in exchange programs are selected by the Academic Council. For the participation in exchange programs, the Junkers with higher academic and physical performance are selected, who, at the same time, are fluent in the proper foreign language.