Academic Education


Undergraduate educational programs of the National Defence Academy are the programs of the first level of academic higher education.

The goal of the BA programs is to prepare a corps of officers with higher academic and military education, ethics, strong morale and leadership skills for the service of the country and Defence Forces in accordance with the mission of the David Agmashenebeli National Defence Academy of Georgia; to provide specialists with Bachelor’s degree for the service of the country and Defence Forces. The graduates will have the rank of officer, will be able to continue their studies in the second stage of education in higher education institutions in Georgia or abroad – for MA programs, to have successful career advancement by realizing their capabilities in both professional and public life.

The programs are implemented by the involvement of the academic staff, military instructors, visiting specialists and teachers who have the necessary competence to teach and produce the results of educational programs, who have academic degree relevant to the profile of educational programs, teaching and research experience.

Studying at BA programs is fully funded by the Ministry of Defense of Georgia.

In case of admission to the Bachelor’s programs, the Junker signs the 9-year contract with the Ministry of Defense, which provides for 4 years of training and 5 years of military contract service. After completing his/her learning process, the Junker receives a Bachelor's degree in the relevant specialty and the first military rank of an officer - "Lieutenant".