The National Defense Academy cooperates closely with various higher education institutions and organizations at the local and international levels. Every year, faculty members, military instructors, Junkers and students are sent abroad to the partner institutions to upgrade their skills. The Junkers and students are actively involved in various academic, cultural and sporting events at the local level.

Establishing close partnerships with both foreign and local higher education institutions, organizations and research institutes has a special place in the development of the Academy. The National Defense Academy is the basis of military education in Georgia. Establishing and functioning the Academy as a prestigious, authoritative military education institution at both national and regional levels is possible only by analyzing and implementing the best practices.

The priority in terms of local and international cooperation of the Academy is to intensify scientific-research activities. Inviting local and foreign researchers to the Academy and implementing research projects in various fields with their support contributes to the development of knowledge and professional practice at the Academy. In addition, in order to enhance its research activities, the Academy works with foreign universities to publish joint publications and scientific articles, as well as gain access to scientific electronic databases.

The Academy is actively involved in enhancing cooperation with local and international educational institutions under the Erasmus + program, which will play an important role in the institutional development of the Academy. 

The National Defense Academy is constantly working to raise awareness about the academy locally and internationally and to deepen partnerships.