Military Education

Undergraduate educational programs of Davit Agmashenebeli National Defense Academy of Georgia are the first level programs of academic higher education and the basic level of military training.

After enrollment in the Academy, the Junker is enlisted into the Training Battalion, which is the supporting structural unit of the Academy and ensures the high academic performance and discipline control of the Junkers.

Upon arrival at the Academy, the Junker is introduced to the basic principles of the Academy and is involved in the Basic Combat Training course. The aim of the course is to develop the physical endurance of the Junkers enrolled in the Academy, their emotional resilience in stressful situations, and basic military skills as well as to develop military discipline and prepare them for the existing challenges. The duration of the Basic Combat Training course is 5 weeks.

The Training Battalion has the leader development system that allows the Junkers to gain experience working with subordinates and superiors in parallel with mastering the educational programs of the Academy.