International Cooperation

The priority of the National Defence Academy is the preparation of highly qualified military personnel. For this purpose, various academic programs are being implemented and seminars and trainings are conducted in the academy.

Within the exchange programs faculty members and administrative personnel of the Academy, Junkers and students participate in various programs organized by foreign countries. Besides, cadets from various foreign higher education institutions often visit the NDA within the exchange programs.

Memorandums of Understanding have been signed between the National Defence Academy and the following higher education institutions:

✔ Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) - 2011, Updated in 2016
✔ North Georgia College and State University (NGCSU) - 2011
✔ University of Defence (the Czech Republic ) (Univerzita obrany, UO) - 2011
✔ National Defence University of Warsaw  (Academia Obrony Narodowej – AON) - 2012
✔ National Defence Academy of the Republic of Latvia (NDA) - 2012
✔ Defence Academy of the United Kingdom - 2013
✔ Military Academy of Lithuania (MAL) - 2014
✔ Estonian National Defence College - 2016
✔ Norwegian National Defence University College - 2016

The National Defence Academy closely cooperates with the NATO Defence Education Enhancement Program (DEEP). The NATO Program supports the NDA in the development of baccalaureate and master programs / curriculums, retraining professors of the faculty members, evaluating students' performance and methodology. The Action Plan was drawn up by the NDA and DEEP which is updated gradually according to the priorities and needs of the Academy.

The Academy also cooperates with the Bureau for International Language Co-ordination (BILC), which oversees the teaching process of the English language, introduction of modern methodology in the academic process and evaluation process.