About Academy

National Defence Academy

 The mission of the Academy is to prepare the officer corps of worthy of the country and the ministry, with high ethics, strong morale and leadership qualities, equipped with a higher academic and military education, in accordance with national educational standards based on high academic and scientific achievements

A Brief History of National Defence Academy


The history of the National Defence Academy started in 1919 by establishing the Junker Infantry School in Tbilisi.

After the collapse of the Empire, in 1919 with the initiative of General Giorgi Kvinitadze the Georgian Military School was established on the basis of the mentioned educational institution, where the first intake was received in September 1919.

In February 1921, 148 Junkers of the Georgian Military School took part in the battle against Russian Red Army. After this, in the Georgian reality the word "Junker" has been established as a symbol of devotion, dignity, and loyalty to the professional duties.

During the Soviet period Georgian Military School was initially transformed into the Military School for Soviet Red Army students and then to Tbilisi Artillery School, which existed until 1991.

After gaining the independence, the issue of recruitment of the newly created Georgian Armed Forces with national cadres of officers was on the agenda. Accordingly, on May 28, 1993, the United Military Academy of the Republic of Georgia was established on the basis of the order of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Georgia. The Academy received the first intake of students in September 1993. Later the Academy was initially named the Defence National Academy and then the National Defence Academy.

On February 20, 2003, the higher education institution was named after David Aghmashenebeli. In November 2004 the Academy was deployed in Gori. In 2010, the new stage of reforms was started at the Academy, which covered the whole system of the officers' education. In 2010, by the decision of the Ministry of Defence, the Academy acquired the status of a Legal Entity of Public Law. The National Defence Academy also has the status of a higher education institution.