Scientific Research Center

The Scientific-Research Center of LEPL - David Agmashenebeli National Defense Academy of Georgia is the structural unit of the National Defense Academy.

The Center operates in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, the Statute of the Academy, the legal acts of the Academy and this Regulation. Within the scope of its competence, the Center is accountable to the Rector of the Academy, performs the duties provided by law imposed by the Rector on the basis of law.

The goals of the Center:

  • Promotion of the growth of the scientific-research potential of the Academy in accordance with the Strategic Plan of the Development of the Academy; raising the prestige of a scientific career and popularizing science for a generation of the Junkers/students.
  • Establishing relations with foreign universities, scientific centers and developing existing connections.
  • Establishing new scientific contacts, finding donor organizations, finding grant competitions and participation;

Organizing consultations and trainings for the staff of the Academy on issues related to scientific activities; conducting scientific research conferences and symposia.