Organisational Structure

Quality Assurance Service

LEPL – David Aghmashenebeli National Defence Academy of Georgia

Provision of the Quality Assurance Service


Article 1. General Provisions

  1. This provision defines legal status, structure, authority, accountability of the Quality Assurance Service (hereafter Service) of LEPL David Aghmashenebeli National Defence Academy of Georgia (hereinafter - Academy) and regulates other issues related to the Service activities.
  2. The Service is a management body.
  3. The Service conducts its activities in accordance with the Constitution of Georgia, the legislative acts, the subordinate normative acts, the statute of the Academy, the legal acts of the Rector and the present provision.
  4. In terms of functioning, the Service is accountable to the Rector of the Academy.


Article 2. Mission of the Service

The mission of the Service is the systematic assessment of the quality of academic and scientific-research work as well as professional development of the staff of the Academy.


Article 3. Main Functions of the Service

  1. The main functions of the Service are the following:
  2. a) Assessment of academic and scientific-research activities of the Academy and elaboration of recommendations for the further improvement;
  3. b) Preparation of procedures for authorization and accreditation of the Academy;
  4. c) Promotion of introducing the modern methods for teaching and assessment;
  5. d) Development and assessment of the rule of assessment, mechanisms and procedures of quality assurance, and academic and scientific-research processes;
  6. e) Cooperation with relevant services of the military higher education institutions of the foreign countries in order to develop transparent criteria of quality control and methodology of their insurance.
  7. f) Development of the criteria and indicators of technical monitoring and academic expertise of Bachelor, Master and Officer Training programs implemented by the Academy and organization of systematic technical monitoring, including through cooperation with Georgian and foreign experts;
  8. g) Development of recommendations about the activities to be conducted for the further improvement of the academic programs;
  9. h) Participation in the development of the questionnaires for academic/visiting/teacher staff, military instructors and Jukers/students and elaboration of recommendations for further improvement of the Academy activities based on the questionnaire analysis;
  10. i) Participation in the process of monitoring diploma appendices of graduates;
  11. j) Organization of conferences, trainings, seminars, consultations and informational meetings for academic and administrative personnel of the Academy about the Bologna Process, curriculum development, authorization and relevant issues related to the accreditation;
  12. k) Supervision of preparation for the authorization and accreditation procedures and organization of preparation of the authorization and accreditation self-assessment questionnaire and self-assessment report, attached documents;
  13. l) Implementation of other authorities envisaged by the legislation.

Article 4. Service Structure and Leadership

  1. The structure of the Service consists of: the Head of the Service and the auxiliary personnel.
  2. The Service is directed by the Head of the Service, who is the administrative authority;
  3. The Head of the Service is elected by the Academic Council;
  4. The Head of the Quality Assurance Service of the Academy:
  5. a) Subjects to the Rector of the Academy and is accountable to him/her;
  6. b) Supervises the subordinate structural unit;
  7. c) Distributes duties among the subordinate personnel;
  8. d) Within the scope of competence, represents the Academy in official relations outside the organization;
  9. e) Submits proposals to the Rector of the Academy on improving the offitial activities;
  10. f) Exercises other duties for the Service defined by the present Regulation and Georgian Legislation.
  11. 5. The functions and duties of the Service staff are determined by their job descriptions approved by the Rector of the Academy.


Article 5. The Rule for Making Changes and Amendments to the Provision

The changes and amendments to the provision shall be made in accordance with the procedure established for the adoption of this document.