Organisational Structure

Examination Centre

LEPL - David Aghmashenebeli National Defense Academy Provision of the Examination Center

 Article 1. General Provisions

1. This provision defines legal status, structure, authority, accountability of the Examination Center (hereafter Center) of LEPL David Aghmashenebeli  National Defense Academy of Georgia (hereinafter - Academy) and regulates other issues related to the Center activities

 Article 2. The Mission of the Center 

The mission of the Center is to determine the academic achievements/results of the Junkers / students of the Academy and monitoring of the assessment process.

 Article 3. Basic Functions of the Center

  1. The Basic functions of the Center are:
  2. Preparation the examination documents based on materials presented by the relevant structural units of the Academy;
  3. Conducting midterm and final examinations;
  4. Preparation of consolidated data for examination records and academic results;
  5. Periodic monitoring of ongoing assessments of the Junkers / students for which the Centre is authorized to require the submission of the relevant documentation and report on their activities;
  6. Development of the question bank for examination and other exam materials with academic staff and putting them into the exam database;
  7. Preparation of the materials on the academic performance/results of the Junkers / students and deliver them to the Educational Service;
  8. Calculation of the Junkers rating point of the term and transfer them to the Educational Service;
  9. Preparation of the mark sheets for the students of the officers' career courses.
  10. Within the scope of competence performing of the other functions defined by the legislation, this provision and the individual administrative-legal acts of the Rector.

Article 4. Structure and Management of the Center

  1. The Center consists of the head of the Center, chief specialist, senior specialist, specialist and database operator.
  2. The Head of the Center is appointed and dismissed by the Rector of the Academy.
  3. The Head of the Center:
  4. Supervises and manages activities of the Center;
  5. Distributes duties among the staff of the center;
  6. d) Defines the priorities of the Center and is responsible for their implementation;
  7. e) Supervises the development and implementation of short and long term working plans;
  8. Signs the documents developed in the Center;
  9. g) Is obliged to present annual reports of the Center;
  10. Solicits for raising the qualification and retraining of the staff of the Center;
  11. Performs other the duties and responsibilities under the Statute of the Academy and this Regulation.
  12. Functions and responsibilities of the personnel of the Center are determined by their job descriptions approved by the Rector of the Academy.

Article6. The Rule for Making Changes and Amendments to the Provision
Changes and amendments to this provision shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant procedures established by the legislation.