Organisational Structure

Psychological Service Section

LEPL – David Aghmashenebeli National Defense Academy of Georgia

Provision of Psychological Service Department


Article 1. General Provisions

  1. This provision defines legal status, structure, authority, accountability of the Psychological Service Department (hereafter Department) of LEPL David Aghmashenebeli National Defense Academy (hereinafter - Academy) and regulates other issues related to the Psychological Service Department activities.
  2. The Department is a subsidiary structural unit of the Academy.
  3. The Department conducts its activities in accordance with the legislation, the subordinate normative acts, the statute of the Academy, and the present provision.
  4. The Department is accountable to the Rector of the Academy and the civilian Vice Rector, performs other duties and obligations imposed by the Rector and civilian Vice Rector as defined by law.


Article 2. Mission of the Department

The mission of the Department is to monitor the military personnel, Junkers and students of the Academy, psychological assessment and counseling process, as well as effective management of the learning process.


Article 3. Main Functions of the Department

  1. Functions of the Department are the following:
  2. a) Periodic preventive assessment of the psychological condition of Junkers and students. Response to the results obtained through appropriate psychological researches;
  3. b) Strengthening the level of knowledge of the military personnel of the Academy in psycho-social adaptation issues, empowerment of emotional state management and communication skills;
  4. c) Planning and conducting psycho-social adaptation and rehabilitation measures for military personnel based on the obtained information to ensure the psychological sustainability of military personnel that is necessary for successful combat operations, training and combat operations, and participation in missions;
  5. d) Conducting lectures and seminars with Junkers and students in Psychology (in the issues of fundamentals of psychology, social and military psychology);
  6. e) Making conclusions within the competence;
  7. f) Within the scope of the competence, other functions defined by the legislation, the present Provision and the Rector's individual administrative-legal acts.


Article 4. Structure and Leadership of the Department

  1. The structure of the Department includes: the Head of the Department and auxiliary personnel.
  2. The Head of the Department is appointed and dismissedd by the Rector of the Academy.
  3. The Head of the Department
  4. a) Leads and guides Department activities;
  5. b) Distributes the obligations for the personnel of the Department;
  6. c) Determines the priorities of the Department's activities and is responsible for their implementation;
  7. d) Supervises the development and implementation of the short and long term working plans of the Department;
  8. e) Signs documents developed in the Department;
  9. f) Submits annual report to the Rector of the Academy;
  10. g) Submits proposals about granting merits to the servicemen of the Department or imposing the disciplinary sanctions to them;
  11. h) Solicits to raise the qualification of the staff of the Department and to retrain them;
  12. i) Within the scope of competence, exercises other functions and duties defined by Georgian legislation, the Statute of the Academy, and the present Regulation.


  1. The functions and duties of the personnel of the Department are determined by their job descriptions approved by the Rector of the Academy.


Article 5. The Rule for Making Changes and Amendments to the Provision

The changes and amendments to the provision shall be made in accordance with the procedure established for the adoption of this document.