The National Defence Academy is 104 years old

David Aghmashenebeli National Defence Academy is 104 years old. In connection with the Day of the  Academy, a ceremony dedicated to the ninth graduation of the bachelor's degree and the eighteenth graduation of the candidate's course was held at the parade ground. The Minister of Defense of Georgia, Juansher Burchuladze congratulated the Junkers and graduates on the successful completion of their studies.

In his speech, the Minister emphasized the importance of the National Defence Academy and the role of young officers in strengthening defence capabilities of Georgia. The Rector of the National Defense Academy, Brigadier General Mamia Balakhadze, congratulated the graduates on the completion of the academy.

The Minister of Defence awarded diplomas to the graduates, and firearms to the honors students. In connection with the Day of the Academy, the Commander of the Defence Forces of Georgia, Major General Giorgi Matiashvili, awarded the servicemen of the Academy with firearms and departmental medals.

The winners of the nominations received certificates of honor from the Rector of the National Defence Academy. The graduates were blessed by the chaplain of the National Defense Academy, Dean Davit Kasradze.

This year, 67 Junkers graduated from the Bachelor’s programs, and 54 students completed the Candidate Course of the Junior Officer Training School. Along with the rank of lieutenant, the graduates were also awarded a bachelor's degree in the relevant specialty. Students of the Officer Candidate Training Course, who already had a bachelor's academic degree before entering the course, received the basic military education of an officer; They passed the basic mountain training course and were on internships in different units of the Defence Forces of Georgia.

The history of the National Defence Academy of Georgia begins in 1918, from the day when the state independence of Georgia was restored. Immediately after the Declaration of Independence, the issue of training national cadres of officers was on the agenda. "Military School of the Junkers" started functioning on August 20, 1919. This date was determined as the day of David Aghmashenebeli National Defense Academy of Georgia.