About Academy

About us

The National Defence Academy is one of the leading higher military institutions in Transcaucasia, which provides training for competitive officers equipped with modern methods, and theoretical and practical knowledge. Forming a developed, prosperous and highly moral officer corps is the main priority of the National Defence Academy.

Today, the academy operates the first and second-level programs of academic higher education and the Georgian language training program. 

The undergraduate educational programs represent the first-level programs of academic higher education and these programs are Management, Informatics, Mechanical Engineering, and Defence and Security.

The master's program of the National Defence Academy is the second level of the officer's higher military education and academic higher education, which ensures the development of the necessary competencies and skills of the officers of the Defense Forces of Georgia and representatives of various agencies.

Master's educational programs are the following: Defence Analysis; State Resource Management; Security Studies.

 The National Defence Academy allows military personnel and civilians serving in the Defence Forces of Georgia to take the officer training candidate course or the reserve officer training course and receive the officer's basic military education. The academy also has a Georgian language training program, which provides non-Georgian students with B1+ level learning of the Georgian language (writing, reading, listening, speaking). Completion of the mentioned program is necessary to continue studying in the undergraduate educational program.

The National Defence Academy is located on a well-equipped base built by modern standards, where all conditions are created for learning, development, physical training, and recreation. Various sports sections and an amateur circle are functioning in the academy. Junkers and trainees also have the opportunity to actively participate in local and international activities.

The modern infrastructure of the National Defence Academy provides an opportunity to receive the best education. The Academy has a library equipped with computer equipment, military, academic, and reading literature (more than 54,000 books in Georgian, English, German and French languages), a conference hall, and an examination center. The well-equipped sports complex, gym, and recreation area of the academy allow you to enjoy your free time.

Integrated programs of academic and military directions of the National Defence Academy, qualified academic and administrative staff, military instructors, high-standard infrastructure, modern teaching methods, and technologies create a solid prerequisite for receiving high-level military and civilian education.