Officers Training Candidate Course


The Officer Training Candidate Course aims to produce the officer corps with higher academic education, ethics, strong morale and leader of character for the devoted and honorable service to the Defence Forces and the country.

Military servicemen and civilians with higher education are admitted to the course after medical and psychological examination, physical test, test of general skills and interview.

Course Program includes Basic Combat Training (9 weeks) and educational program (41 weeks). 10 weeks will be allocated for the practical field trainings.

During the course, students will learn the army regulations, fire training, combined arms tactics, military topography and the military history of Georgia. Students will also learn the fundamentals of military engineering, communications, logistics, artillery, medical training, combined arms, intelligence, personnel management, the low of armed conflicts and combat training organization.

After completion of the course the students will be awarded the military rank "Lieutenant" and they will continue studying at military specialty courses.