Organisational Structure

Legal Division

Legal Division of the Staff of  the LEPL David Agmashenebeli National Defence Academy  of  Georgia


The missions of the Division are:

  • Carrying out legal activities at the Academy; including preparing and authorizing drafts of individual administrative-legal acts of the Rector;
  • Within the scope of competence, ensuring legal relations of the Academy with state agencies and private institutions / organizations;
  • Within the scope of its competence, legal examination of draft administrative acts submitted to the Academy from the Ministry or other state bodies / agencies and preparation of legal conclusions of the Academy;
  • Within the scope of its competence, protecting the interests of the Academy in public, private institutions and the courts;
  • Within the scope of its competence, reviewing applications/correspondence of individuals and legal entities;
  • Ensuring the compliance of the legal acts of the Academy with the legislation of Georgia;