The Graduation of Infantry Officers Training Course

On the 1st May the Infantry Officers Training Course was successfully completed. The course was lasted for 11 months. Sergeants and corporals from the different units of GAF attended the course. Among 84 military servicemen enlisted in the course, only 48 from them finished the course successfully.

After graduating, they were awarded with military rank of Lieutenant. The military servicemen were given lessons in theory and practice and were instructed in the following directions: combined arms tactics, fire training, military topography and communications. They also familiarized with the  specifics of mountain, armor and artillery training. The diplomas for the successful participants of Infantry Officers Training Course were handed over by the Chief of the Joint Staff of GAF COL Irakli Dznelazde.

Chaplain Davit blessed the course graduates and wished them success. The officials of Joint Staff of GAF attended at the closing ceremony. After finishing the course, the Lieutenants  will continue to serve in different units of GAF.