Scientific-Practical Conference at the National Defence Academy

On July 20, a scientific-practical conference "Actual Issues of National Security" was held at the National Defence Academy.

The conference was opened by the deputy rector of the Academy, Colonel Davit Razmadze; The head of the Master's Program, LtC Ioseb Japaridze, addressed the participants. The representatives of the Defence Forces of Georgia, various higher educational institutions, and state agencies attended the event.

The conference was held in four sections:                                              

  • Globalization or sovereignty;
  • National security and foreign policy;
  • Military threats and ways to solve them;
  • National security versus human rights.

The heads,  professors, and doctoral students of the Defence Forces of Georgia, the National Defence Academy, and various higher educational institutions presented their papers.

The presentations at the conference were related to such urgent issues as: Priority and Possibilities of NATO-EU Security Policy, Negative Attitudes towards Globalization in the Populist Perspective, Military-Political Dimension of Cyber Security in the 21st Century, The Role of Women in the Peacebuilding and Security Sector from the Point of View of the Civil and Military Component.

At the end of the event, certificates were given to the participants.