Scientific-Practical Conference "The Role of Communication in the Management Process and Its Psychological Aspects"

A scientific-practical conference "The role of communication in the management process and its psychological aspects" was held in the academy. The head of the Scientific Research Center of the National Defence Academy, Colonel Giorgi Laghiashvili, opened the event with a welcome speech.

At the conference, professors and doctoral students of the National Defence Academy and various higher educational institutions presented their papers. Guests of honor working in the field of psychology attended the conference. The participants presented their own theoretical or research aspects on the fields of psychology in which they work.

The presentations were quite diverse and related to such topical issues as: "The role of strategic communication in managing organizational conflicts", Students' Acculturation Orientations and Perceptions of Closeness to Ethnic/Religious Groups, "The art of management from a gender perspective (from Aeschylus to Aristophanes)"; "The role of psycho-consulting techniques in the management process" and others.

At the end of the event, certificates were given to the participants.