The National Defense Academy continues to organize introductory visits for Junkers and students.

The 4th year Junkers of the Junker training battalion, within the framework of the mentioned event, were in the Parliament of Georgia, the Supreme Court, and the Presidential Palace.

Interesting and meaningful meetings were held in state agencies. The Junkers got acquainted with the history of the parliament, the main directions of parliamentary activity, as well as the main functions and activities of the legislative body. The historical building of the Supreme Court attracted special attention and interest, where the functions of the judiciary, the judicial system, and the specifics of its activities were explained to the young people.

At the end of the visit, they saw the Presidential Palace of Georgia and its surrounding area. They also visited the Palace Museum, where the souvenirs dedicated to the President of the country by the leaders of different countries and the honourable guests of Georgia are collected.

Introductory visits are aimed at deepening the general knowledge of future officers and raising state awareness.