Academy Representatives at the Competition of the Law of Armed Conflicts

On March 19-25 of this year, the 21st Competition on the Law of Armed Conflicts was held in Sanremo, Italy, organized by the International Institute of Humanitarian Law. Representatives of the Academy attended the competition: Associate Professor of Defence and Security Program Kakha Putkaradze; Junkers - Mate Agulashvili, Salome Davituliani, and Natalie Gvalia. 

The competition is held annually and aims to familiarize future military leaders with international humanitarian law and develop the ability to work with military professionals in a multinational environment.

"Participating in the 21st San Remo Competition on Law of Armed Conflicts is a great experience and a challenge for any Junker, and mine was no exception. Although we did not have much academic knowledge and experience in this field, the competition was successful. Knowledge of the law of armed conflicts is essential for any military, and gaining international experience is vital to share and further implement their knowledge. In addition to the academic aspect, getting acquainted with future officers is essential, since we will have to cooperate with them in this field. The promotion of our culture is one of the directions that should be done from all areas, especially from the army as a guarantor of national security." - noted Junker Natali Gvalia.

"I attended the mentioned competition for the second time and got another very important experience. Participation in such events is always connected with new contacts around the world, which I think is very necessary and important for me as a future officer. I know that the experience gained in the competition will be beneficial for me at different stages of my professional career. I would advise the Junkers to participate in this exchange program, to share an experience that I'm sure will follow them for the rest of their lives. - Junker Salome Davitulani shares her impression.