Academy Junkers at West Point Military Academy

In the period from April 14 to April 24, 2023, third-year Junkers of the National Defence Academy, Shota Simonishvili and Zurab Gogiashvili, were in the West Point Military Academy in the United States of America to participate in the "Foreign Academy Exchange Program".

"The visit to the West Point Military Academy of the United States of America and getting to know the daily life of the cadets was a great experience for me. I learned a lot of new and interesting things that will be useful for my career development. In addition, it should be noted that representatives of the military academies of 40 countries took part in the event, and the main goal was to develop future relations between future officers. It was a great honor and at the same time an important challenge for me to represent the name of my country outside the borders and to introduce our great history to the representatives of other countries. In the end, the event turned out to be quite productive and interesting. I will be happy if even more cadets are allowed to participate in similar projects and gain similar experiences.

"During April 14-24, I was at the USMA, which made a great impression on me. The environmental conditions in the academy, the interdependence of the cadets, and various cultural events added important experiences for me. In particular, I got to know the daily environment there, the activities of the cadets, and their ways of life, and I also got to know many local and other cadets, with whom I formed a very good relationship; I attended interesting lectures on America's National Security Strategy, Top Ten Operations, and more. We discussed the UN, its main functions, and articles during the lectures.

While at the West Point Academy, the most interesting thing for me was task management. It is worth noting the interdependence of superiors and cadets when performing various operations or during daily activities. I am particularly impressed by the knowledge and experience of the cadets, as they have a good understanding of their role and the values that this institution has.

It will be very good if many cadets go to the USMA and see the daily environment, and the situation there and get to know their culture. Because the overall goal of this event was to gain some experience and get to know each other as partners and allies; As a united team that will complete the task together.'' - Junker Shota Simonishvili shares his impression.