An event dedicated to Defence Day was held in the Academy

Today, an event dedicated to Defence Day was held at the National Defense Academy parade ground.

The Rector of the Academy, Brigadier General Mamia Balakhadze addressed the staff of the Academy, future officers, and guests with a welcome speech and congratulated the Defence Forces Day:

"I want to congratulate you on the Day of the Defence Forces and thank you for your service. I would like to thank you for the work and efforts that we all make together for the better future of our homeland, and for its improvement.

The Defence Force is 32 years old, which is not a very long time in historical terms, but during that time we have faced challenges such as peacekeeping missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we are still actively involved in the peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic. There were battles for territorial integrity in Abkhazia and Samachablo. Based on the above, the defence forces have gained the greatest experience in the military field. We will face today's challenges together and we will win together because we are one big family.

The leadership of the National Defence Academy is constantly focused on introducing innovations in all directions and creating better conditions for each of you.

I want to salute our wounded and injured military personnel who sacrificed their health in the service of the homeland. I would like to pay tribute to the memory of the fallen servicemen and express my deepest respect to their families.

I especially want to welcome the family members of our distinguished Junkers and students, I want to thank them for coming and raising such proud children. Their success is largely due to you, and your support has given them the impetus to be among the greats they are today.

I wish you success in the service of our country and once again congratulations on Defence Forces Day!”

Within the framework of the event, military servicemen and civilians of the Academy were awarded certificates of honor and departmental medals; The staff of the Academy was awarded the "Junker" statuette for the exemplary and conscientious performance of their duties.