Academy Junkers at the annual international week of the Latvian National Defense Academy

15-22 April 2023, the third-year Junkers of the National Defence Academy - Mari Basishvili and Dachi Chalabashvili were in Riga, Latvia, at the annual international week planned by the Latvian National Defence Academy.

Within the framework of the week, various academic and cultural-cognitive events were planned for the participants.

"From April 15 to 22, 2023, I was at the international cadet week held in Riga, the capital of Latvia, which was quite interesting and full of various activities; planned and precisely timed events. From the very beginning, the Latvian Defence Academy sent us a 7-day plan to prepare for the games. As soon as we arrived at the Academy, we got to know the cadets of different countries through a game that each country offered us differently. We introduced our academies to each other through presentations. We found many different and some common details between them and our Academy. We visited Riga, we were introduced to its sights and the history hidden in each detail. I want to mention the lecture, where we got acquainted with the history, development, and struggle for freedom of Latvia, the history of the establishment of the Academy, and the various traditions of the cadets that have been preserved to this day. Group activities and competitions abounded. This week gave me the opportunity to get to know the citizens of other countries, their lifestyles, and cultures, as well as to provide them with feedback on how interesting and diversely developed our country is, many of them visited Georgia. I believe that such activities deepen the closeness of cadets from different countries, future leaders, and the establishment of connections, which is necessary for our profession.” – Junker Mari Basishvili shared her expressions.

"The visit to the Republic of Latvia was awe-inspiring, the first effect was made by the cadets of the Latvian Defence Academy when they met us at the airport with government cars with a lot of confidence.

We were given very interesting lectures at the Latvian Defence Academy, we tasted the food available at the base. Of course, they have inventory corresponding to the NATO standard and respect everything at the highest level. We attended a lecture on the Battle of More and the history of Latvia, followed by a tour of the town of More and saw the battlefield where a Latvian company resisted a 6,500-strong Red Army unit. We were asked to divide into groups and make terrain models. What decisions would we, as future commanders, make to slow down the enemy and block the way to the capital? The activity was awe-inspiring and extraordinary, which gave me a great experience.

Before leaving, a significant evening event took place, where we were all together in the big hall, slowly said goodbye to each other, and shared impressions and experiences.