Academy Junker at the University of North Georgia, USA

On April 1-8 of this year, Davit Tetunashvili, a third-year Junker of the National Defence Academy, was at the "Annual International Cadet Week" held at the University of North Georgia, USA, and participated in the "Challenges of Human Security" symposium.

"On April 1-8, 2023, I was at the University of North Georgia in the framework of the "International Cadet Week", which made a very positive impression on me. The current visit to the University of North Georgia in the United States of America is a great experience for me. All this had a positive impact on my level of awareness, allowed me to deepen my knowledge, and establish new relations with representatives of various allied states. It was especially important for me to share knowledge from cadets of different cultures and nationalities, their views on the military field, and prospects for the development of future cooperation.

"International Cadet Week" included quite a variety of activities. The most important among them was the "Symposium on Human Security Challenges", where high-ranking officers and qualified professors discussed important issues. The existing experience allowed me to further deepen my knowledge of such issues as terrorism, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, global threats, and others. I think the "Symposium on Human Security Challenges" was a very important opportunity for me, which will help me to work with these areas in the future.

"International Cadet Week" is a very good opportunity for Junkers to deepen their knowledge, and to meet representatives of different cultures and nationalities. They will also learn about important issues that are directly related to our profession.

I will be happy if even more Junkers have the opportunity to gain experience from similar events." - notes Junker Davit Tatunashvili.