the admission of the first academic course

The David Aghmashenebeli National Defence Academy of Georgia conducted the admission of the first academic course for the Junker training battalion.

After passing both the unified national exams and internal exams of the Academy, 109 students were enrolled in the Academy's bachelor programs.

Upon arriving at the academy, first-year Junkers signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Defense and learned the rules and regulations at the National Defense Academy in the presence of their parents.

Currently, our freshmen Junkers are in the midst of acclimating to life at the academy. They have been assigned to dormitories furnished with all the necessary military equipment. Additionally, they are being introduced to the academy's infrastructure, as well as the functions and responsibilities of the academy's headquarters.

From September 24, a 5-week course of Basic Combat Training will begin for freshmen, after which they will be actively involved in the educational process at bachelor's programs.