French Cadets passing probation in the National Defence Academy

French cadets have passed a period of probation at the National Defence Academy. Four week-long internship course covered lessons both in theory and practice. The foreign cadets attended lectures together with Georgian students and took part in field trainings. Christopher Alehause and  Amadee de Saint-Pern became familiar with specifics of various GAF`s subunits activities. They also participated in experimental shootings alongside with Georgian military servants during hard climatic conditions in high mountains. Besides, the French cadets attended the final exercises designed for future Afghan peace support operations. A cultural tour was also organized for the cadets inTbilisi, Mtkheta and Gori. Within the tour, French and Georgian students attended the film show  “Prince Amilakhvari” dedicated to Dimitri Amilakhjvari`s life and public activity. 

This was the first time when the interns from partner states high military institutions were delegated to the Georgian National Defence Academy. The cadets from France were sent to the Georgian higher military institution within the frames of cooperation between the Davit Agmashenebeli National Defence Academy and Military Academy“Saint-Cyr" of Republic of France. In exchange, under the ongoing cooperation, two Georgian Academy students will be sent to the French Military Academy.