Kęstutis Jankauskas visits National Defence Academy

Permanent Representative of Lithuania to NATO Kęstutis Jankauskas has visited National Defence Academy. Mr. Jankauskas took a tour of the Academy complex and met with students there. During the meeting a Lithuanian official spoke of NATO-Georgia relations. Debates went on in a dialogue format.

The visit at the National Defence Academy has been carried out within the NATO Week underway in Georgia. The meeting was attended by Deputy State Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Elene Khoshtaria, Deputy Defence Minister Andro Barnovi and Academy Rector Davit Nardaia.

"The meeting was interesting and informational. Permanent Representative of Lithuania to NATO provided a review of the recently held Chicago Summit. He briefed us on a number of issues raised at the Summit, challenges posed by the Alliance and NATO-Georgia collaboration. For us, as future military servicemen, it is of utmost importance to get familiar with all the NATO-related information ", said an Academy attendee after the meeting.