Defence Minister Congratulated New Academic Year to Academy Students

A solemn ceremony to mark the beginning of a new academic year has been held at Davit Aghmashenebeli National Defence Academy today. Defence Minister Dimitri Shashkini personally congratulated the freshmen and sophomores on the beginning of a new academic year. Defence Minister got acquainted to the educational process of National Defence Academy. 

The military band of the Defence Ministry opened the solemn event by performing Georgian National Anthem.  In the course of the event the students and attendees paid a tribute to the memory of Georgian military servicemen fallen for the territorial integrity of our country. 

From this time the first-year students of the Defence Academy will start a five-week Basic Combat Training (BCT) Course. 

The cadets enrolled at the National Defence Academy will be fully financed by the state. The National Defence Academy was the only institution among other state or private educational establishments, where the largest number of entrants applied. The most popular specialteis were military aviation and joint army command. 

At the Academy, the students will be provided with accommodation, adequate nutrition, uniforms, medical service and material-technical base meeting international standards.

After entering the National Defence Academy, the attendee concludes agreement with the Defence Ministry and gains the status of military servant. The Academy graduates will be awarded with Bachelor’s Degree and military rank of Lieutenant. The Academy will prepare officers in the following specializations: infantry, engineer, logistics, tank, mechanized, artillery, aviation, air defence and communications.

The students conclude an agreement with the Defence Ministry for 10 years that includes 4 years of studying and 6 years of contract-based military service.