The National Defence Academy

Brigadier General Mamia Balakhadze


Civil Education:

2021 Georgian Technical University, PhD in International Relations;

2020 Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences of Georgia;

2007 Ilia Chavchavadze Georgian National University, Faculty of Law, Master's degree in Law;

1999 United Military Academy, Bachelor’s degree in History.

Military Education:

2015-2017 The Bundeswehr Command and Staff Academy of German Armed Forces - International Course of General and Admiral Staffs;

2002 Captain Career Course. Bundeswehr, Germany;

1995-1998 Bundeswehr Military Academy of the Federal Republic of Germany;

1994-1995 United Military Academy. Tbilisi, Georgia.


List of scientific papers:

2020 - German-Georgian Military-Political Relations in the First Half of the XX Century;

2020 - German Foreign Policy and Georgia;

2020 - Belt and Road Initiative -  Transit Potential of Georgia;

2020 - Knowledge Leads to Victory (administration of the educational process in military educational institutions);

2019 - German Political-Economic Interest in Georgia in the First Quarter of the 20th Century;

2019 - German-Georgian Diplomatic Relations;

2019 - German-Georgian Relations in the Middle Ages, the Settlement of German Colonists in Georgia in the Early 19th Century;

2019 - Georgia-Germany Plans before the First World War;

2019 - Georgian-German Military Relations in the Format of Cooperation with NATO;

2019 - German-Georgian Military-Political Relations in 1918-2018.


Participation in conferences and projects:

2019 - International Scientific Conference, Georgian National University;

2019 - Aspects of European-Georgian Military, Political and Civil relations, National Defense Academy;

2019 - Eighth International Scientific Conference - World and Caucasus, Georgian Technical University;

2019 - International Scientific-Practical Conference - The Role of the Georgian Defense Forces in Joining the North Atlantic Alliance, Cadet Military Lyceum;

2019 - "Academic Writing Techniques" (INTEGRITY), Ilia State University;

2019 - Academic Integrity for Qualitative Education and Training (INTEGRITY), Erasmus + Institutional Development Project;

2019 - Critical Thinking Workshop for Leadership, NATO Military Education Development Program;

2020 - Scientific-Practical Conference "Knowledge Leads to Victory", National Defense Academy;

2020 - Focus on German Foreign and Security Policy towards Georgia, 6th Annual International Scientific Conference of Caucasus University;

2020 - International Scientific-Practical Conference "Global-Regional Security Challenges and Defense Forces", National Defense Academy.