International Cooperation

International Projects

Military Erasmus + Projects          

Within the framework of Erasmus +, the National Defense Academy has an inter-institutional agreement with the Greek Military Academy, the National Defense University of Latvia, the National Civil Service University of Hungary, the National Defense College of Bulgaria, and the Land Forces Academy of Romania. Under these agreements, the Academy is involved in the ongoing funded military Erasmus + program with the Greek Military Academy. In addition, new projects have been initiated together with partner universities, where the main focus is on the internationalization of undergraduate programs and the intensification of joint research activities.

Academic conscientiousness for quality teaching and learning in higher education institutions of Georgia


Speakers Program

Periodically, the Academy hosts high-ranking foreign military and civilian guests for discussions and public lectures on various topics for the bachelor’s and master’s degree Junkers. The topics of the lectures of the invited speakers are quite diverse, which serves to raise the level of general education of the Junkers and students of the Academy and increase their awareness.


International Week

The Academy annually hosts International Cadet Week, involving more than ten of the Academy's partner military higher education institutes from Europe and North America. Various academic, cognitive, sports, military and socio-cultural events and activities are held at the Academy during Cadet Week. The organization of the International Week at the National Defense Academy serves several purposes. First of all, this event promotes the popularization of the National Defense Academy; also, hosting cadets from the world's leading military academies is important for the Junkers themselves, their careers and the future of the defense forces of the country in general. Events like these give Junkers the opportunity to explore different cultures, as well as demonstrate common values and find ways to collaborate in a multinational environment. Through International Week, the Junkers of the Academy have a unique opportunity in the early stages of their military careers to establish personal and professional relations with foreign peers and future officers from different countries who may meet in future international missions or operations during their military careers.



Each year cadets from the Saint-Cyr military school of France and the University of North Georgia of the United States are involved in an annual internship program at the Academy. Within the internship program, foreign cadets get acquainted with the structure of the Defense Forces of Georgia and the defense system in general. In addition, cadets visit the various government agencies during their internships, and most importantly, cadets assist the structural units of the Academy in carrying out their activities within their competencies.

The Academy also annually hosts cadets from the Military Academy of Lithuania for scientific research internships. During the internship, Lithuanian cadets, with the help of Georgian leaders, work on their undergraduate theses on various security challenges of Georgia.