Georgian Language Training Programme


The educational program aims to teach the state language of Georgia to the representatives of Georgian ethnic minorities who cannot speak Georgian.

The purpose of the program is to acquire Georgian language skills and knowledge (writing, reading, listening, speaking) for non-Georgian students at B2 level, which is necessary to continue their studies on the undergraduate educational program.

The goal of the Georgian Language Training program is to teach the state language as well as to encourage non-Georgian-speaking students to serve in the Defense Forces and to serve the country faithfully and with dignity.

The following applicants have the right to participate in the competition for enrollment in the Georgian Language Training program:

  • Entrants who have registered for the Unified National Examinations of the current year and are under 23 years for the current year;
  • Entrants take only one of the following tests at the Unified National Examinations in accordance with the rules established for Georgian citizens enrolled in a higher education institution: General Skills Test in Azerbaijani; General Skills Test in Armenian; Ossetian language test and Abkhazian language test;